About Me

Food Blogger - Melissa Ann Ruiz

The Aspiring Food Blogger

I’ve always loved to express myself creatively and communicate my passions through writing. The genesis of this blog was started by my love for cooking and entertaining. I love the whole process of brainstorming new recipes,  styling and how to present my dishes, to drawing inspiration from my past influences. Additionally, I’ve been working in online marketing for several years and I’m excited to FINALLY create something for me, where I could share, inspire, and showcase my love for cooking to others.

It’s More than Cuban Food!

While my blog might seem very niche, don’t worry! It’s not just about Cuban food. It’s about Cuban American food with an emphasis on the American. Because of where I grew up, what American means to me is probably different than it might mean for others but that is the beauty of it. This blog consists of everything that influenced me growing up when it comes to food and more.

I was born here (in the United States) but I proudly identify with Cuban American. I have all this beautiful culture that I’ve been raised in and I’m so grateful for that. Not only my own but growing up and still living in Miami, I have always been exposed to great cuisine. As a kid, I loved visiting friends’ homes after school. I remember starving after cheerleading practice and walking into a friend’s home and smelling the most amazing authentic food being prepared in the kitchen. As waves of new immigrants continue to settle in Miami throughout the decades and even today, I take full advantage of being exposed to a variety of foods and delicacies.

I’m Fluent in Food

I’m not a professional cook, I have no formal training. I just know that it makes me happy. Cooking is my love language. When I cook for people, I’m really saying, I love you or welcome to my home. It’s something that I don’t take lightly. I find myself constantly fighting back the urge of planning a 5-course meal at every occasion. I fantasize about hosting dinner parties and entertaining and the people I love enjoying my food.

While the name of the blog also suggests it’s all about food, occasionally, I’ll include posts about my other passions. I’m inclined to share anything that inspires me. That could be anything from beauty, to fashion, to even my latest find at Target. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention my obsession with Target. Keep reading and you’ll soon know how much I love this shopping sanctuary where the glossy aisles are lined with perfectly organized products.

Well, enough about me. Thank you for stopping by and please feel free to share thoughts, comments, and feedback.