Simple Peach Bellinis on the Patio

Simple Peach Bellinis on the Patio


It was a beautiful Sunday and I decided to invite my good friend over who also happens to be a professional photographer. I was working on a new recipe for the blog and wanted her to give me some pointers. I’m very new to food photography and was testing out my new DSLR camera. We were talking and going over my storyboards outside on the patio allowing our surroundings to inspire us.  As we got down to most of the business first, we went through a couple of my ideas together and not before long, we decided it was time to look in my fridge and see what we can use to make a drink. I spotted some Peach Nectar and the happened to have a bottle of prosecco left over from the weekend before. Those two ingredients inspired a simple Peach Bellini to get in the “Sunday Funday” spirit.

I know that brunching and Mimosas go hand in hand. That day, I was working on a brunch style dish so it seemed like an obvious choice. But, I had prosecco instead of champagne and peach nectar instead of orange juice. I also prefer Bellinis because orange juice can be a bit acidic. Peach puree or nectar is sweeter and pairs with a fruity and dry prosecco perfectly. We added a few sprigs of mint from my overgrown mint plant to add some cooler. Here is snap decided to show off our pretty concoctions.

Peach Bellini
  • Peach Nectar I used Libby's
  • Prosecco I used Mionetto's
  1. For a simple Bellini, add a few tablespoons of Peach Nectar into a champagne flute and fill the rest with some cold Prosecco. Add a sprig of mint or garnish of your choice for some color. 


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